Elektra Fungi – Portfolio revamping.

After ten years  of using the same old portfolio page, I’ve decide to revamp the old bugger. The new site uses AngularJS, Bootstrap and the Soundcloud API. It’s not done yet, but feel free to take a sneak peak!



During my three month work experience period at Redhotminute as a front-end developer trainee

I’ve developed and co-developed some projects.

Van der Valk Deskapp

Van der Valk is a Dutch chain of hotels, run by the family van der Valk.
The deskapp is a webapp running on iPads at the hotel servicedesks on which guests can browse trough galleries of all the available rooms in that hotels and where they can check the restaurants menu.

My duties were to implement the flowplayer API and to correct some CSS issues.


Van der Valk Ambassadors Dashboardpanel

Van der Valk is a Dutch chain of hotels, run by the family van der Valk.
For the Ambassador loyalty program I created this tab system. The assignment was to use CSS only.


Houthoff-Buruma Landingpage

Houthoff-Buruma is a Dutch lawfirm.
For emailmarketing I created a landingspage template, which would be used in e-marketing software Copernica (
The landingspage is fully responsive and contains a custom Google Map which can easily be setup in Copernica.


Three JS Office Demo

As a JavaScript practice I created a 3d represenation of the “Small Parlor”, an office space at RedHotMinute.
This demo is using the ThreeJS JavaScript library for WebGL.

Try it!